Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We're having a baby!! YAY! For those of you who know me, know how much Ray and I want this. It's been an incredibly long, and emotional 2 years (can you believe it's been that long?!) We're so ready for this new journey, and all the changes that come with it.

Taking a look back:
After the triplet miscarriage, I had developed a uterine AVM as a result of my second D&C (had 2 due to retained tissue). It was a mystery to the doctors..All they knew for months, was that I had a bulky uterus, with a mass that had blood flow. They thought it was retained tissue, molar tissue, cancer, really they didn't have a clue. I was sent to a gynecological oncologist, who did several CT and MRI scans...which eventually led to the discovery of the vascular nature of the mass. The radiologist guessed it could be an AVM...but they are SO uncommon (most radiologists see 2 in their entire career...), they weren't sure. I started passing blood clots the size of half dollars..up to the size of my palm. Yes, I freaked out. They did a next day surgery to embolize the mass...and I'm fixed now! yay!!
We were supposed to wait 6 months before 'trying' again. We started doing the infertility tests at 3 months, as these take 2 months to complete. We wanted them to be finished before 'go time.' Lucky us, I did well on all the tests, and we got the 'go-ahead' at 4 months!!

We were VERY closely monitored by my infertility specialist, as we didn't want to have triplets again (way too risky with my uterine AVM...pretty risky without that!). He was monitoring my follicles, to make sure I only had one. We would have skipped a month of trying, if there had been more than one. Luckily, there was only one.. and we conceived the first month of trying! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! (took us 10 months last time)

So, there is my background in a nut shell....sorry it was so long.

I snuck to the bathroom in the morning, took the test (silently flipped out)....grabbed my card I had made, just in case things worked out...and slid the card across the table to Ray. He looked very confused. (He later told me that he thought he had forgotten about an occasion..haha) He opened the card..and it said, "You're going to be a daddy!" :)Ray and I the day we found out- 5/19/11..SO happy!
Me @ 4 weeks...I better get back to this size! haha


  1. Congrats Kat!! I can't believe its been two years! i've thought of you and prayed for you many times over the last two years and hoped you'd be blessed with another pregnancy. so excited for y'all. happy & healthy 9 months (well less now) :-)


  2. This may sound strange, but I was looking up uterine avms on Google and saw your post. I had one myself almost 2 years ago and have had a bit of a sad bumpy road myself. It was so nice to read your post. Congratulations! Uterine avms are so rare I feel like those who have had one are in a sort of sisterhood. I'm so glad everything went well for you. God bless!


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