Saturday, September 18, 2010

Get Excited...

1. Theeeeeyyyy're back!!! While shopping in Wal-mart, and trying to find candy corn kisses...remember those from last year?! I found....

quite possibly my favorite healthy 'not terrible for me' snack! SUCCESS!! I also couldn't help but run into the huge "Get Your Flu Shot Today", I did that too. I'm one of 'those people' who is at high risk, if I do happen to get the flu, because I have pretty bad asthma. The ONE time I did have the flu, it turned into double pneumonia. No, thanks.

2. I finally heard back from the Silhouette people, and this......

should be shipping in the next few days! YAAAAAAAAY! (That was me trying to put into 'words' how excited I am about that!).

1 comment:

  1. I am putting this on my wish list for Christmas. Do you love it? Worth it? Use it a lot? :)


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