Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's the most wonderful time...of the year!

Okay, sooo... it's not quite Christmas time. But, I LOVE fall! I love the decorations, the 'cooler' weather, the baking, the eating, and Canton (this is when the good stuff comes out).

I guess I've been a little behind in my decorating recently. My father in law (Ray Sr.) came by today to pick Ray up for the A&M game (WHOOP!), and commented on my 'patriotic theme.' Little did he know that that was left up from the 4th of July, and not put up for 9/11. oops. SO not like me! I guess I've had a lot of distractions with life recently...but that's not really an excuse. A house must should always be decorated:)

I bought these ornaments @ Pottery Barn 2 years ago after Christmas....kinda love them:)

Love these...I might have a million, if they weren't so expensive!

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  1. great job on the blog! you're already a pro. and now i feel bad because i completely forgot about fall decor...what was i thinking????? i'll have seth get down my tub tomorrow :)


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